What Are You Made For?

Let's find out!

  • Are you holding a big vision that feels daunting?
  • Do you believe in yourself…sometimes?
  • Are you doing what you love, but not in the way you really want?
  • Are you working too hard and earning too little?
  • Do you wish life & work, felt lighter, easier, more fun?

Life-Work Coach

I help Spirited Leaders
design wildly original life-work!

Life-Work Coaching
Is Branding From Inside Out

My life-work has been focused in branding women entrepreneurs for over a decade. Through the years, I have come to see branding as a process of self realization.

We don’t just show up fully realized. It takes time and commitment to excavate our vision and to resource ourselves to carry it out!

As a Life-Work Coach, I am here to help you align with your heart’s desires and design life-work that holds you in your highest potential.

The process looks different for everyone. We set a course together and then focus on what is most essential for your growth and development.


What If

  • You had someone in your corner who sees you and believes in you?
  • You felt confident that you could create the life & work you desire?
  • You knew how to rewire your beliefs and habits to create positive change?
  • You were resourced to move through doubt and fear?
  • You had systems in place to hold you accountable?

Life-Work Coaching - 1 Month


4 (60-minute) Private Coaching Calls with Lea Bett

+ Intake Qs, Custom Homework, Email Support

= Clarity, Accountability, Inspired Action

How It Works

  • Choose a payment plan – When you click a payment button, you will be directed to PayPal where you can pay with a PayPal account or credit card.
  • Intake Qs – After completing payment, you will be directed to an intake form with questions to set the course for our exploration together.
  • Schedule your session – On the intake page, you will find a link to schedule sessions. (If you don’t find a meeting time that works for you, please email me at leabett@thelifeworklab.com.)
  • We meet for 60 minutes over the phone –Ideally, we meet at the same time/same day for 4 weeks, over a 5 week period.
  • You receive follow-up – I send an email within 48 hours of each session with insight, guidance and resources.

What Clients Are Saying

Working with Lea has helped me to find and step into bigGirl-boots I didn’t even know I owned. -Astrid K.

I felt held from beginning to end. Lea was right there when I had a panic moment or epiphany. -Christine T.

Lea’s gentle guiding and genuine curiosity opened me up! -Erin A.

Lea brought to light some important pieces of who I am and what I do that I was overlooking. -Diana S.

Lea has supported me in moments of resistance, helping me move through my emotions to discover who I am on a deeper level. -Shaunna B.


How is life-work coaching different from life or business coaching?

This is different from life coaching because I have been helping women entrepreneurs develop one-of-a-kind brands for over a decade. And this is different from business coaching because I am attuned to the inner experience and trained as a life coach.

I’m not an entrepreneur, is life-work coaching for me?

Yes! I am an entrepreneur and have been serving women entrepreneurs throughout my career, so that is often my perspective. But aligning with purpose can help you own your value or find your direction whether or not you are called to create an original body of work.

When are you available for coaching?

I hold space for coaching on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but if you don’t find a time on my calendar that works for you, send me an email and we can organize a different time.

Can we meet in person?

I do all of my coaching over the phone. I’ve been doing this a long time and find that I’m much more focused on the phone. So this way we can make the most of your time.

What if I need to reschedule a coaching session?

No problem! You can cancel a session with 48 hours notice and you always have access to my calendar to reschedule.

Are you offering a payment plan?

Yes! I want to make this work accessible to anyone who needs it! You will find the payment options at the bottom of this page.

What if I need additional support?

I offer a 3-month coaching program for people who want extra support through a transition or business development. But truly a lot can come of 3 sessions, so let’s start there!

*If you have any other questions, please send me an email: leabett@thelifeworklab.com.

Are You Ready?

"The most visible creators are those artists whose medium is life itself." Donna J. Stone

Life-Work Coaching


1 Month Package

Life-Work Coaching


1 Month Package

I can't wait to help you create the life & work of your dreams!