You are Meant
To Fulfill Your Desires!

Follow Your Calling
All The Way

I believe that we are all uniquely designed and here on purpose. Like a tide is moved by the moon, so we are Called to motion.

Purpose speaks in the language of intuition. We are guided by our good feelings, our inspiration, our desire.

Learn to trust intuitive guidance, to believe in yourself. Follow your Calling wherever it may lead.

If you don’t follow the Call, your unique purpose will not be fulfilled. The world will go without your gifts, your voice, your style.

The Life-Work Lab is a place to explore the alchemy between self-development and brand expression. Developing your life’s work (life-work) is a process. It takes great vulnerability and courage to own and express an original vision.

The invitation here is to design life-work in alignment with who you are and what you are made for. The goal is self-realization, which in this context means: being of highest value to others in a way that is most natural to you!

This is a safe space where your whole being is welcomed! Designing inspired life-work will require you to own our gifts, accept your imperfections and trust your desires. Your power and purpose lie in your raw, wild nature!

The Life-Work Lab,
provides coaching and courses to resource you
in designing wildly original life-work!


The World Needs
The Best Of You

  • Own your strength!
  • Feel the power of your purpose!
  • Know your worth with every fiber of your being!
  • Find your voice! Find the courage!
  • Declare your wildest passion!
  • Be free! Be empowered!
  • Create the life & work of your dreams!

Life-Work Coach

I help Spirited Leaders
design wildly original life-work!

Somehow, Lea makes it feel easy to navigate both the professional and human soup of launching an idea or venture whose time has come.  -Astrid Koch

Spirited Leaders:

  • Feel called to create original life-work.
  • Long to be fully expressed and on purpose.
  • Desire success on their own terms. 
  • Thrive in alignment with their values.
  • Want to be known for something.
  • Have the courage to forge their own path.
  • Strive to be of service to other people.
  • Desire to be a positive force in the world.
  • Choose freedom and abundance for everyone

You Will Always
Be Guided & Supported

Life-Work Coaching

Private Coaching: Clarity, Accountability, Action

Life-Work Coaching provides 1:1 support to guide you in the process of designing inspired life-work. Sessions are customized to meet your needs and the process is designed to resource spirited leaders in any stage of creating original life-work.

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Resistance Training

Digital Course: Overcoming Doubt & Fear

Resistance Training is a 5-week digital course designed to help you recognize resistance and overcome obstacles as they come up in the process of designing inspired life-work. These skills will support anyone in pursuit their highest potential.

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Tuning Into Calling

Digital Course: Creating Daily Ritual

Tuning Into Calling is a 2-part digital course presenting an easy, customizable daily practice to help you stay aligned with Calling. We always have direct access to our inner guidance system, but it is easy to become disconnected in our daily lives.

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Nobody Can Do This But You! You Are Made For This!

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